Launch screen of app showing options for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division practice

Practice math every day

Regular math practice builds confidence and competence. Just a few minutes a day helps develop the skills your child needs for a solid foundation in arithmetic.

Math Magic offers quick, flash-card style games that teach single and double-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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Multiplication practice screen showing a math problem

Designed for growing brains

Math Magic is engaging and motivating. Kids can skip problems they’re not ready for, or try again if they don’t get an answer right. Progress is rewarded with playful sounds and animation. Achievements are tracked with high scores they can share with their parents and peers.

Many kids find math difficult and stressful. Math Magic makes it fun.

Division practice screen showing a math problem

Learn strategies that stick

If your child is learning a new skill or gets stuck on a tricky question, the Hint view offers visual strategies to solve each type of problem. These are informed by techniques used by primary educators to teach math in the classroom.

Math Magic helps young learners K-4 practice their skills at home so they can thrive at school.

Success screen after getting 10 answers right

No ads, no subscription fees, no data collection

We know how frustrating kids apps can be. Full of ads, in-app purchases, and expensive subscriptions. And we know how important your child’s privacy and safety are to you.

Math Magic has no ads, no subscription fees, no in-app purchases, and does not collect any personally identifiable information. It's just a lightweight way for your child to practice math. Simple!